Know who is inside ... and welcome your visitors a hospitable and effective way. Optimal visitor information for reception and security.  GuestManager ® is a modular and fully configurable system.

You decide which modules apply to your organization.
The system is very user friendly and can be used with both smaller organizations and multinationals.  


Why GuestManager?

A comprehensive registration of visitors ensures that you always know which visitors are present on your site or building. The system provides optimal information for reception- and security staff as well as a professional reception of visitors.

GuestManager ® provides:

  • a professional reception of visitors;
  • a fully comprehensive visitor registration;
  • rapid issuance of visitor badges;
  • an improvement of security in buildings and sites;
  • a complete overview of all external people who visit your company;
  • an optimal overview for visitors reception and security staff;
  • a reduction of the workload at the reception desk or security lodge.

Guest Manager ® ensures that:

  • visitors feel welcome and expected;
  • unwanted visitors can not enter;
  • visitors clearly identifiable as such;
  • employees can register visitors quickly and efficiently;
  • staff and visitors are more aware of safety rules.


Our 'Visitor Management' solutions are suitable for any organization that wants to manage its visitorregistration better at (also unmanned) reception desk of office buildings and gateways in industrial complexes.

The GuestManager © system can be used within a building or site, but also in several buildings, offices (national and international) and areas with multiple visitor entrances.


The GuestManager © system is since 1998 on the market and is constantly evolving. All functionalities are requested by our clients and developed in consultation with actual users. As a result, our solutions are experieced in practice as very user friendly and orderly.

Link to other access controle software:

The Guest Manager (Visitor Registration / Visitor Management) system can be linked to existing access control systems.

Integration in (existing) access control system:

Integration of the Guest Manager software in (existing) access control systems also belongs to the possibilities. Guest Manager is then added as a module within (existing) access control systems.

  • Click here for our brochure "Visitor Management"

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