Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Check-in

If there is no reception or security staff present to receive your personal visitors may be desirable to put this. Fully automated solution We provide tailored solutions fully tailored to your situation. Upon entering your building, it is important that your visitors understand what the goal is and that they
immediately feel welcome. With a display on the counter or a kiosk in the lobby, your visitors will know that they have arrived at the right place.

The information and the steps to follow on the screen we can fully draw on in your size and style. You decide what information you want to display when entering the visitor. The touchscreen puts your guests via telephone and / or video link, in contact with the appropriate department or contact person.

You want your visitors:

  • Receive your visitors from a remote distance as personal as possible.
  • To be quickly provided with a personal visitorbadge.
  • To be aware of the procedures and safety rules which apply there.
  • Fast and able to provide. Efficient access
  • Make clear where they can register and where they have access to.
  • Good guide in the access process.

Submitting a visit can either be done by its own employees or by the visitor himself (self-service check-in). This includes printing and activating a visitor badge. You decide what information you want to display on the screen and to what level of access a user is authorized to.

A number of possibilities:

  • Visitors can sign up and register themselves.
  • Print visitor badges and activate.
  • Communication via phone and / or video link.
  • Automatic e-mail or SMS messages
  • Scan passport or identity card.
  • Make passport photos of visitors
  • Scan business cards, integrated barcode or RFID reader.



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