Re-transfer printers

Our EDIsecure ® XID Re-Transfer Card Printers

We offer three re-transfer card printers that can be completely tailored to your (ID) card production needs. The printer can be equipped with various options and external modules. The print quality is comparable to offset printing quality!
Our staff will advise you on the various options.

Our EDIsecure ® XID Re-Transfer "card printers have excellent print quality.
Cards can be printed fully descending edge (over-the-edge). The print quality is comparable to offset printing quality!

Printing on different materials

In contrast to the "direct- to-'card printers, our re-transfer printers print on many types of plastic. In addition to printing on the default PVC it is possible to print onPET, PC, and ABS material. These materials have a longer life span and therefore enabling a longer circulation of the cards.

XID Re-Transfer technology

In XID Re-Transfer technology will not print information directly on the card. All information (corporate identity, logos, personal, etc.) is printed on a laminate. This laminate is fully laminated on the card. The card will be better protected (against dirt and scratches for example) and have a longer life span.
Re-transfer technology is excellent for printing information on a smart card (contactless chip card, such as a Mifare card).The chip on the card is thus well protected and the printhead of the card printer will not damaged.

Safety features and coding

Our Re-transfer printers can be equipped with many options. You can think of different coding options for smart cards or laminating holographic laminates on the card.
The latest generation of re-transfer printers can also be equipped with a UV (ultraviolet) option. This enables security features (logos, passport photos or text) to be printed in UV on the card. These security features are only visible when a UV light (black light / UV light) is shined on the card. In this way card are copy-protected.


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