Direct-to-card printers

We offer a wide range of card printers.

Pronto Endure3E RioPro


Card Printers standard line

The standard line card printers (Pronto and Enduro3E) includes high quality ID card printers suitable for low volume printing. The printers are available as a single-sided or as a double-sided model. The Pronto has a standard 2 year warranty and the Enduro3E a 3 year warranty.
They also printed rewritable cards. These printers can make a visual security on a plastic card
(HoloKote security - 4 standard patterns). The single-sided Magicard Enduro3E is also field upgradable to two-sided printing.  

Card Printers professional line

With the professional line card printers (Rio Pro) you choose a quality product that has 3 year warranty.
In addition to the options of the standard line, the professional line also offers the ability to encrypt in-line Mifare DESFire EV1 cards. The printers are available in a single- and double-sided version. The single-sided version is field upgradable to double sides. The printers are supplied standard ICC profiles for color fastness. In addition, these provide more options for the application of visual security on the card.   


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