Time Badges

Unique in The Netherlands is ... Timebadge ™ ... for visitors!

Why Timebadge?OSP1032

A significant part of all used visitor badges are not returned on departure. This allows visitor badges to be unauthorized passed on or reused for a return visit. To prevent this G10 delivers: the Timebadge ™.
These visitor badges expire automatically through discoloration.
On the expiry of the validity period the visitor badge discolors to 'red' and the text 'expired ' becomes visible. At a single glance an expired pass can be noticed from a distance.
G10 delivers these visitors bagdes with a validity period of one day.
The Timebadge can be used in combination with the GuestManager visitor management system!

Printing and personal data:
Time Badges can be delivered completely in the corporate identity. With the various systems they can easily be fitted with personal data and barcodes.


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