Visitor management, ID card management and ID Accessories

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What is visitor management?

Managing and controlling the entire process from all external persons who visit
a company, site or building. This process starts when making an appointment to visit
and ends at the physical departure of the visitor(s).

Why visitor management?
Entering an efficient solution for visitor management ensures, an improvement of the security and a complete overview of all external people who visit a company, site or building. This results in an optimal overview of visitors for reception and security staff. Many organizations still, manually, use paper registration forms to register their visitors.
This is time consuming and creates, in the event of an emergency, a cumbersome
(and sometimes unreadable) overview of the existing visitors.

You want:

  • that your reception or access area exudes professionalism.
  • that your visitors are received and treated as guests.
  • the reception process faster and more visitors recognizable.
  • to give your visitors a (personal) visitorbadge that fits the image of your organization.
  • to know who is in your building and terrain and whether they belong here.
  • to avoid queues at receptiondesk or access area.
  • to grant your visitors quick and efficient access.
  • your visitors to be acquainted with the applicable safety and / or hygiene regulations .

Our GuestManager © visitor management system offers the right solution.



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